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Company profile

Aden s.r.o. (Ltd) company was founded in 1992 as a trade company dealing with purchase and sale of different kinds of commodities which are currently offered at market. In the course of years the expertise of the company has been focused in the field of Instrumentation in different kind of industry.
Basic directions of ADEN business:

  • Engineering:
    • Feasibility studies
    • Project documentation
    • Construction supervising
  • Construction of the technological Units including:
    • Process calculation
    • Flow Simulation
    • Units Strength calculation
    • Documentation for execution (include 3D model)
    • Client consultancy
    • Procurement
    • Installation and Inspection
    • Commissioning
    • Start up
    • All kind of tests
    • Hand over Documentation
    • Unit Hand over
  • After sales services:
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • Warranty services
    • Performance Tests and Approvals
  • Trade:
    • Consulting
    • Quotation/ Offer  issue
    • Delivery
    • Hand over (including all necessary certificates)
  • Special services:
    • Complete solutions for flow measurements (include complete Analytics)
      • Units Process Calculation + Strength Calculation
      • Flow Simulation
      • Measurement Circuits Calculation
      • Measurement Circuits Flow Simulation (fluid flow profile tuning)
      • Accuracy and Uncertainty of Measurements Calculation
      • Current State and Process Influences Analyze (fluid flow profile and pulsation influence to flow rate measurement)
    • Control Loops Tuning
    • Different producers Metering Equipment Set Up, Configuration and Programming
  • Gas&Oil and Water searching by Ground penetrating radar technology  
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