Engineering / Design and services

Based on years of our experiences in Oil and Gas industry, we provide various engineering services for our customer to fulfill their demands according to applicable standards, regulations and other technical specifications. We are focusing mainly on metering and regulation (M&R) in Oil and Gas industry, but these days we are proud, we can also offer to our customer the expanding services in hydrogen industry.

Project design

We provide project design at different stages according to customer needs and requirements. We ship our designs as turnkey service, starting with consultation of customer needs and ideas, through all required approvals, to customer handover and construction supervising.

The main levels of documentation we offer to our customers are:

  • Studies
  • Basic design
  • Detail design
  • 3D design
  • Tender documentation

Process calculation

Our process engineers are ready to verify and optimize nearly every process in Oil and Gas industry including, but not limited to pre-heating, drying, cooling, compression or expansion. Based on process calculation, other steps follows e.g. flow simulation, instrumentation selection, layout design, 3D design etc.

Flow simulations

To maximize the accuracy of metering lines designed by our company, flow simulation is used to find out any disturbances, asymmetries, backflows or crossflows in pipeline system. We use advanced simulation programs to verify the real situation in metering line, so we can predict and evaluate the behavior of metering line before the single weld is made.

Real situation in the metering line:

  • Flow profile change
  • Crossflows
  • Pulsations caused by the technology design

The flow simulation is dramatically changing the overall performance:

  • – Validating the technology overall performance
  • – Increasing the site safety & reliability
  • – Decreasing the unexpected service actions quantity
  • – Ensuring higher technology throughput and availability
  • – Extending the technology operation lifetime
  • – Decreasing / eliminating the sound & vibration impacts
  • – Increasing the flow measurement accuracy & stability
  • – Dramatically helps in site economy improvement

Strength & vibration analysis

Strength calculation is one of the crucial calculation when the design of any mechanical construction is made. It doesn’t matter, whether it is a single metering line or the on key skid construction, every time it is the part that have to be taken into account. It is important to know how much can designed material handle and how it will tolerate 24/7 operation. Our company is capable to design and prove the correct construction both for normal and seismic areas, including vibration analysis to prevent the selected configuration to reach the resonance frequencies during normal operation.

Strength analysis is part of design.

Strength calculation include:

  • Static calculation
  • Dynamic calculation
  • Elimination of seismic influence to technology
  • Supports calculation
  • Technology design modification
  • Resonance frequency and support system calculation


Our strength & vibration analysis service

helping you with benefits as:

  • Enabling in the site operation fine tuning
  • Increasing the technology performance & operation efficiency
  • Optimizing the engineering works
  • Savings in CAPEX by proper material usage calculation
  • Savings in OPEX by operation run & lifetime expansion & extension
  • Reducing the Maintenance time
  • Much higher operation safety & reliability
  • Extending the used materials and components lifetime
  • Reducing the spares & stocks & inventory

Resonance frequency calculation


In case of supports bad installation usually vibrations occurs. Transducer life time could be dramatically shorter.


  • Vibration
  • Risk of piping and USM transducers damage

1 2.600 16.338 0.385
2 3.169 19.910 0.316
3 3.273 20.563 0.306
4 3.295 20.704 0.303
5 3.312 20.808 0.302
6 5.322 33.437 0.188
7 5.516 34.655 0.181
8 5.591 35.130 0.179
9 5.626 35.346 0.178
10 5.643 35.457 0.177
11 5.721 35.947 0.175
12 7.795 48.980 0.128
13 8.157 51.249 0.123