TMS – Transportable metering station

Portable metering station parameters.
Smaller technology blocks/skids on demand.

Technical parameters

  • Flow: 250 – 14000 m³/h per 1 unit. Many units can be operated in parallel
  • Pressure: 10 – 100 Bar
  • Temperature: 5°C – 35°C
  • Ambient temperature: -10°C – 50°C
  • Best on the market accuracy: Max measurement deviation to the calibration lab less than 0.08%


  • Cheapest metering station: Technology length is just 12.5m (max.) for DN300 metering station. Smaller /cheaper/ blocks on demand
  • Metering station transport: 4 Trucks – basic configuration
  • System start-up: Even from remote location /metering station delivered after the FAT which is complete start up and testing in the other gas transport system/
  • System interconnection: Inlet and outlet gas pipeline + 4 cables /connectors/
  • Installation time: 5 till 14 days
  • Accuracy: Measurement deviation to the calibration lab less than 0.08%
  • Advantage: Possibility of transportation to another location
  • Max deviation in verification point should be on the level of meters repeatibility. It means NO deviation between the lab and the skid.

TVL – Transportable verification lab

Basic components

  • Verification skid based on verification run
  • Verification lab metering system and controll system – all principles of calibration lab implemented
  • Verification under the supervision of State metrology
  • All components transportable on the trucks
  • Accuracy comparable to the calibration lab
  • Ability to fix all problems of existing metering station in the field

Master ultrasonic meters skid:

  • Installed on truck nr. 1
  • Used for existing metering station verification
  • Gas chromatograph
  • Pressure and temperature transmitters
  • Connection to the service car – 2 cables with connectors

Master turbine skid:

  • Installed on truck nr. 2
  • Used to check ultrasonic part (normally not used)

Service car equipment:

  • Flow – metering system
  • Flowcomputers
  • Analytics
  • Control SCADA system

Reference meter system should allow:

  • Installation on the outlet of the existing metering station OR
  • Installation on the outlet of standard metering line by replacement of outlet 5DN pipe with reference meter splitting piece
  • Original metering system abilities should not be influenced by the reference metering system
  • Long term testing for all possible operatioal conditions can be evaluatedn
  • Complete elimination of the noise caused by the control valve

Custom design skid construction

Our company provides turnkey solutions based on customers’ needs and demand, starting with first design till final handover of fully working and tested skid. Beside other, the scope of our services and deliveries include:

  • Process calculation
  • Flow simulation
  • Units strength calculation

  • Documentation for execution (3D design)
  • Client consultancy
  • Procurement installation and

  • Inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Start up

  • All kind of tests
  • Documentation
  • Unit hand over

Main advantages of our turnkey delivery are:

  • We model and eliminate design errors seamlessly in cooperation with simulation results
  • Subsequently, we check for collisions during assembly, with supports, other elements or with the environment (if provided)
  • Finally, we generate production and assembly documentation
  • We provide approval from the technical inspection
  • We also provide fast and efficient production
  • Quality is guaranteed
  • Delivery on site
  • Safe installation according to customer requirements