Engineering / Metering station upgrade - tuning

After all technical challenges we have passed over decades when designing, changing, upgrading or turnkey building metering stations, we are proud to offer the customer focused Metering station upgrade or tuning service.

For your project, we provide technical background, our knowledge as well as our experiences in the field, resulting in the improved and optimized project design, from scratch to handover of the. Our knowledge combined with cutting-edge software used in the design of the project, ensure the comfortable operation, improving metering stations flow capabilities and accuracy,  diagnosing vibrations, flow parameters, different kinds of mutual influences or other forces why the results might be inaccurate, non repeatable or deviated.

We have participated in lots of projects (see References) to guarantee the best outcome possible and to maintain this status we impart our support and maintenance over years to come.

Custody transfer metering station evaluation/Tuning and upgrade services:

  • Project design works audits includes
  • Flow simulation and vibration audit
  • Financial „Profit/Lost“ protocol
  • Latest technic status proposal
  • Metering systems delivery
  • Metrology services
  • Online & remote start-up services
  • Long-term performance
  • Monitoring services
  • Optimization works & results documentation
  • Advisory and supervising services
  • Maintenance services for continued efficient operation during a full technology lifecycle.

Advanced inspection/verification of metering line

To achieve first class service, we are using our patented rectifier for symmetrical flow of fluids in a pipeline combined with world’s leading softwares, knowledge and experiences gained throughout the time.