Throughout the time we were challenged to identify and solve various problems. Our development team came over the years with creative and reliable solutions to overcome different problems occurring in the field. Some of these solutions have been further researched and have reached the level of a stand-alone product that we can now offer our customers as a final functional solution optimized for your application. Each technology was engineered in various software, numbers of simulations were carried out and were tested in laboratory as well as in real conditions. We can also supply the application of the products we have developed and offer them as a turnkey solution tailored directly to your project.

Gas solutions

Commonly met problems are accuracy of two serial connected meters, disrupted flow before the measurement, lack of space in current installation when upgrading the meters and impact of the regulator noise to the metering devices. Our rectifier for symmetrical flow is able to overcome all negative circumstances in metering run no matter what the disposition of preceding piping is and copy calibration lab conditions and  subsequently the results into the field. This product allows even the redesign of the existing metering line, thanks to space saving on the inlet, ultrasonic noise cancellation and ensures meter repeatability close to 100%.

The final product tests were carried out in a European certificated flow laboratory to prove the intended principle of operation in practice. Approximation to the real conditions during the test was achieved by changing the upstream disturbance components simulating the worst case scenario occurring in the pipeline. Finally, the result was compared to reference conditions, each run as an average of the 3 tests. The final result table shows the mentioned deviations, all compared to Calibration lab certificated values.

Principle of operation:

The device provides the ideal symmetrical laminar flow to the downstream meter with minimal pressure loss, no matter what the kind of meter it is. It is especially suitable for ultrasonic flow meters, which offer the non-reduced full profile flow body. It works on the principle of multiple flow direction change, passing through the severe expansion and reduction chambers, its subsequent straightening with specially developed axial and radial elements. At a final stage, the  fresh non-influenced symmetrical laminar flow profile is generated and provided for ongoing measurement. This flow can be beneficial for other purposes as well (e.g.:low pressure loss  flow straightening, where lower compressor work is needed and therefore the whole system is more ecological and economical)

Rectifier allows:

  • Flowmeter calibration conditions copy to the field – no metering shift between calibration lab and the field
  • Upgrade of existing metering station – technology influence elimination

  • Calibration lab certificate extraction – results:

Description Baseline* 1/2 moon plate* Deviation PTB Disturbance plate* Deviation
Q(Flow) Baseline to 1/2 moon plate (Err%) Baseline to PTB Disturbance plate (Err%)
396 0.01 0.01 0.04 0.02 0.03
792 0.01 0.00 0 0.01 0.04
1980 0.02 0.01 0 0.01 0.01
3168 0.01 0.01 -0.03 0.01 -0.01
4300 0.01 0.01 -0.02 0.01 0.01
*-Repeatability for 3 tests (Results based on Calibration laboratory certificates)

Based on our patented flow straightener solution, we
provide our complex product units (more on Products)

Low maintenance, cleanable cosntruction

Uniform & repeatable flow profile, low noise, and minimal permanent pressure loss after the flow conditioner

Ultrasonic noise issue solved with our patented rectifier

  • Clear ultrasonic meter signal
  • The measurables are stable with high repeatability
  • Limited or no deviation against the calibration results
  • Impact to the custody metering line performance and economy



Hydrogen solutions

Patended technology used instrumental part base:

  • MMI and daniel 8-paths USM flowmeters
  • H2 analyzer
  • Gas chromatograph
  • Floboss S600+ Flowcomputer
  • Rosemout pressure and temperature transmitters


  • Inject and mix to 40% of H2 to the natural gas
  • Control amount of H2 in natural gas by the need og gas turbine compressor
  • Apply of all necessary safety funtions to protect connected equipments
  • Provide measurement of natural gas and H2
  • Fast reaction to the technology requirements and accurate fine tuning based on GC detail analysis

Mixing is done in several stages:

  • Hydrogen injection into the pipeline supplying the compressor with natural gas
  • Spinning / gas mixing by a fixed propeller installed at the mixer inlet
  • Mixing the gas in the axial cylinder of the mixer
  • Gas mixing in the extended mixer cylinder
  • Re-homogeneous composition of the mixed natural gas with the mixer outlet sieve plate

Metanol solutions

Our methanol/ethanol separation unit supply features and advantages

OPEX reduction

  • 90% Savings in methanol/ethanol usage
  • Long operation lifetime and low energy consumption
  • Approved technology in real operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High production availability
  • High safety and reliability

CAPEX reduction

  • Easy installation
  • No computer system connection
  • Low initial costs
  • Turnkey from one supplier